Vcloudpoint is an IT solution

What's vCloudpoint ?

vCloudPoint zero clients combined with vMatrix Server Manager software, offer an innovative way for desktop computing - sharing computing, which offers users the same experiences of a typical PC at a fraction of the cost, while providing a variety of additional benefits.

The 2 essential components

Zero Client (vCloudPoint Hardware Device)
vCloudPoint Zero is often referred to as the Ultra Thin Client because it contains no moving parts, but centralizes all processing and storage for what happens on the host. As a result, it requires no local drivers to install, no patch management and no local operating system license fees or updates. The device consumes very little power and is tamper-proof and completely unable to store data locally, providing a more secure endpoint.

vMatrix Server Manager (vCloudPoint Management Software)

The vMatrix Server Manager software, running on the host PC, enhances the overall functionality and usability of the sharing system by providing connection brokering, graphics acceleration, audio and USB redirection, and centralized management. IT administrators can centrally configure, monitor, and manage devices and end users easily on the server side via the front-end console.


Capital savings
Energy consumption savings
Maintenance cost savings
Savings in upgrading
Product sheet
If you want to know more details about the solution "VCloudPoint" please download our product sheet here.