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Dematerialization of documents

Dematerialization can be defined as the operation aiming at converting documents in paper form into electronic documents, this by means of an operation of digitization of the documents or by the revision of the processes of production and management of the information. It aims at an increased efficiency by allowing a completely electronic management of data or documents produced internally or emanating from partners (administrations, customers, suppliers, etc...) in digital format or digitized at their entry. It is thus in this optics that DKB SOLUTIONS offers its service of dematerialization with an aim of : Dematerialize paper documents in order to ensure their durability and security. 

The advantages of our dematerialization service are :

- To give access to the knowledge at a distance in a perspective of communication.
- Preserve and protect documents against the risks of alteration.
- To archive original documents in order to save space in the offices.
- Facilitate the research of documents.

Product sheet
If you would like to know more about the service "Dematerialization of documents" please download our product sheet here.