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DKB SOLUTIONS offers a range of software and hardware to control the risks related to internal privileged accounts and external access to the network, servers and applications of companies, to trace the actions of privileged users. This service allows you to know, in real or delayed time, who does what, where and how, so you can control the access of your IT providers, whether they are internal or external. And you can also record their work sessions, and revisit them in case of need (audit, incident, ...). Finally, you can easily manage the turnover of your teams, without fearing to give access to your critical servers to people who have left the service! And implement a security policy based on market standards.
With Nous, compliance with standards and regulations becomes an accessible dream.
Your Needs
- Control of service providers.
- Turnover management.
- Audit and compliance.
- Privileged account management.
- Telecommuting.

- Traceability of actions.
- Centralized authentication.
- Session logging.
- Access control.
- Connection logging.

Product sheet
If you would like to know more about the service "Cybersecurity" please download our product sheet here.