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Data Loss Prevention

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) refers to a set of techniques that identify, control and protect information through in-depth content analysis, whether the information is stored, in motion or processed. The goal is to limit the leakage of sensitive data, whether accidental or intentional. According to the "2013 Cost of Data Breach Study: Global Analysis" report by Ponemon Institute, data leaks are caused by criminal acts (e.g., data theft), human error and/or system bugs. DLP solutions are not only able to detect abnormal data access, but also to prevent and avoid it. Indeed, a DLP solution is able to identify sensitive data, to locate where it is stored, to control who should have access to this data and finally to protect it, i.e. to prevent any unauthorized person to have access to it.
DKB SOLUTIONS offers its DATA LOST PREVENTION (DLP) service in order to :

Protect your sensitive content from leakage, theft and data loss and perform strict device control (removable disk, digital camera, etc.). The benefits of our DATA LOSS PREVENTION (DLP) service are Control all known device types and ports:
Define which device can be used in your infrastructure, who can use it and until what time it can be used.
Track your files: Track the activity of your sensitive files (copies, deletions, emails).
Strong encryption with easy lock: Allow only encrypted USB devices and encrypt for transport of company data, password based AES 256 bit military encryption.
Content Protection: Control sensitive data leaving the corporate network through various exit points, email, cloud storage, instant messaging, social media and other online applications.
eDiscovery: Scan sensitive data residing on employee computers and provide the option to encrypt or delete discovered data.

Product sheet
If you would like to know more about the service "Data Loss Prevention" please download our product sheet here.